Affiliate Marketing Policy

In order to generate revenue from, I participate in a variety of affiliate marketing programs. The site may include in-text links to and reviews of carefully chosen affiliate products and services. If a reader buys a product because of one of these links or reviews, I receive a percentage of the purchase price. Revenue from affiliate marketing provides vital financial support to the site and allows me to continue publishing new material.

Affiliate Marketing is a very common and legitimate method for vendors to increase product sales and for website owners to generate income. Unfortunately, some affiliate marketers use dishonest methods in order to increase sales. Unscrupulous marketers may try to palm off generic promotional material supplied by the vendor as an “independent review” of a product they know nothing about. They may also knowingly promote inferior products just to increase sales.

My integrity is very important to me, and I certainly will not compromise it by using underhand tactics just to sell a few extra affiliate products. I have therefore formulated the following Affiliate Marketing Policy.

1: I only review or recommend products that I truly believe are useful, safe, sold by ethical vendors, and represent good value to buyers.

2: If a post contains an affiliate review or includes affiliate links, this affiliate relationship will be clearly identified, either within the text or in a disclosure box at the foot of the post.

3: Posts that have affiliate reviews or links will include a direct link to this Affiliate Marketing Policy.

The Affiliate Marketing Policy included above applies to reviews or in-text recommendations of affiliate products that are included on the site. It is not applicable to contextual or direct advertising that may also appear on the website.