My name is Brett Christensen and I am a photographer based in Queensland, Australia. Photography is an incredibly exciting and versatile art form and it is a constant journey of learning and discovery.

Of course, using good quality equipment to capture interesting images is an essential first step. But, for me, clicking the shutter button is only the beginning. Creatively processed photographs can emphasise the profound and awe-inspiring beauty of our planet and the living things that inhabit it. And, during post-processing, even simple images of everyday things can be transformed into something new and interesting.

On Take Off The Lens Cap, I  discuss my photographic journey, share some of my images,  and throw in some tips and tricks that I’ve found helpful along the way.

So why the name “Take Off the Lens Cap”?

Imagine, you’re out and about with camera in hand and you spy the perfect shot. Perhaps a majestic eagle flying towards a daylight moon and a colourful hot-air balloon with thunder clouds gathering in the background. You realise instantly that the scene would make an amazing picture and whip up your camera to frame the shot. But, alas, your lens cap is on!  By the time you take the cap off the compelling moment has passed. The eagle has flown away and the cloud has obscured the moon.

This scenario has happened to me and probably a lot of other photographers at some point. These days, I only put the lens cap on when I’m storing the camera between photo excursions.

So, the name “Take Off the Lens Cap” is about being as ready as you can be to get the shots you want. It’s about fostering a photography mindset. And, of course, it’s a metaphor for actually getting out there and taking stacks of pictures, which, I think, is essential if you want to become a better photographer. Chuck the lens cap in the bag and start shooting!

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