Here’s a fun little exercise.  Make a copy of one of your photographs and load it into Photoshop.

Then, play around with Photoshop’s built in filters to see what come out. With some experimentation and an open mind, you can create compelling and unique digital art pieces from your photographs.

If you apply a filter and don’t like it, just hit Command  + Z (Mac) or Control + Z (PC) to remove the filter.

Stack filters one upon the other to see what it looks like.

Open the Adjustments Panel and play around with its options until you get something you like.

You could also load a few more images and copy and paste bits of them into your new digital art piece. I added an eagle and a shell from two other photographs and gave them a good warping.

An easy way to add elements from other images is to:

Use the marquee tool to outline the element that you want to copy.

  • Hit Command  + C (Mac) or Control + C (PC) to copy the element.
  • Hit Command  + V (Mac) or Control + V (PC)  to paste the element into your digital art piece.
  • Use the Magic Eraser tool to remove the element’s background so that it blends in.
  • Use the Move tool to place the element where you want it.
  • Repeat with other elements.

There are no rules. Just go for it!

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