Photographing towers – any kind of towers – can be rather compelling. They make excellent photo subjects. And, there are plenty of tower types to choose from. Communication towers, electrical towers, structural towers, towers that are part of buildings. Towers reach for the sky, metaphorically speaking.  They have strong lines and, depending on the light, can cast strong and interesting shadows.  They can provide scale. And, they can add an intriguing element to a landscape that might otherwise be rather bland.

Recently, I visited an old fire watch tower at a nearby forest and took a stack of shots.

Photographing Towers - Fire Tower, Bundaberg


This tower is something of an icon in our town. Years ago, in a less safety-conscious era, local lads and lasses would climb the tower for impromptu on-high picnics. Reportedly, there have even been a few marriage proposals uttered on its high wooden ramparts.

These days, the tower is rather creaky and unsafe and climbing it has been banned by local authorities. But, it’s still a marvellous old structure to photograph.

If you do go out photographing towers, be sure to shoot from a lot of different angles and viewpoints. You’ll likely get some really interesting compositions.

Photographing Towers - Fire Tower, Bundaberg

Photographing Towers - Fire Tower, Bundaberg

Happy tower shooting!

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