I recently participated in a photo contest in which colour was the defining factor. It asked for photographs that featured one dominant colour.

These types of contests can help you grow as a photographer.  And, they can inspire you to try shooting and post processing in new ways. You start with the specific goal of capturing images in which one colour clearly dominates and defines the capture. And, during post processing, you can take further steps to achieve that goal by emphasising the perceived dominance of your chosen colour in various ways.

Thus you may well create images featuring compositions and subjects that are strikingly different from those you usually create. And that’s ALWAYS a good thing!

Give it a Go

Why not try this for yourself? You don’t need to join any contests. You can just start shooting with the “dominant colour” idea firmly in mind at the outset. There should be no shortage of subjects. The world is a colourful place. If you don’t have time to go on a photo excursion right now, there are probably plenty of colourful objects, walls, doors, or furniture in and around your home.

And, it doesn’t matter what sort of camera you own or what level of experience you have achieved.

Go Nuts in Post

Perhaps you’ll be happy with what you come up with right out of the camera. But, otherwise, look to the colour controls in your post processing software. Ramp up the saturation for your chosen colour, perhaps. Fiddle with its hue. Adjust other colours in your photograph so that they make your dominant colour pop even more.

Above all, have fun!  Of course, that’s what it’s all about.


One Dominate Colour - Red Slip

If you try this, I’d love to see your one dominant colour photos. You can add images in the Facebook thread for this post. Or, you can upload them via the comments section below.

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