Coonarr Beach, near Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia, is one of my favourite places. Coonarr Beach is long, and, often, it is completely deserted. Because it’s a little out of the way compared to other local beaches, it gets fewer visitors.  So, you can walk for kilometres, undisturbed, and lost in your own thoughts. Great natural therapy!

I headed out to Coonarr Beach with my camera the other day, and I was gobsmacked by its beauty. The deep blue of the sky and the aqua of the sea beneath were amazing enough. But, the fantastic, whimsical cloud patterns on the day made the scene extra special.

Coonarr Beach, Queensland
Years of high tides have washed the trunks of the fallen trees on the shoreline silky smooth. And this adds another very interesting element to this beach. Their branches twist and turn and point skyward, and for a photographer, can allow for some dramatic compositions.

Coonarr Beach Driftwood Tree

During an earlier visit, a majestic eagle started patrolling high above the waves, looking for fish. I used some filtering in Lightroom to enhance the afternoon glow in the sky and focus on the eagle. My wife really liked this one and had a canvas print made, which now hangs on our lounge room wall.

Coonarr Beach Golden Eagle

If you are in the Bundaberg region, Coonarr Beach is well worth a visit. There is a small stretch of dirt road leading to the beach, but you don’t need a four-wheel-drive to get there.

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