Presets are one of the most powerful tools in Adobe Lightroom. Develop presets allow you to instantly apply a set of adjustments to an image. And creating develop presets in Lightroom is very easy. The presets appear in the left side panel in the Develop module. And, Lightroom comes with a sizeable collection of develop presets built in. You can use them to instantly change the image you are working on. And, if you don’t like what the preset did, you can just as easily change it back by hitting the “Reset” button at the bottom right of the Develop module. Or, just hit Command Z (Control Z on a PC) to go back.

After a while, though, you’ll probably arrive at a few favourite “looks” for your images by adjusting the Develop module sliders to suit your tastes. For example, every time you process one of your landscape photos in the Develop module, you might end up using a fairly similar set of adjustments. And, you might typically use another set of adjustments for portrait shots. And so on.

So, you might therefore want to speed up your processing work flow by creating develop presets for yourself.

Creating Develop Presets in Lightroom

1: Choose an image you want to process and open it in the Develop module.

2: Make all the adjustments you want.

3. Click the small “+” symbol near the top of the Presets panel and the following dialog box will appear:
Creating Develop Presets

4: Give the preset a name and click the “Create” button.

That’s it! The preset you just created should now appear in the User Presets section of the Presets panel.

Now, you can instantly apply the same set of adjustments to any of your images just by clicking your preset. Thus, creating your own presets can save a lot of time and can also be a stack of fun.

And, of course, the preset is just a starting point. Once you apply the preset, you can then fine tune your adjustments to suit the specific image. You can even create develop presets based on existing presets. For example, perhaps you’ve applied one of Lightroom’s built in black and white presets to an image. You’ve then tweaked it some more and come up with a black and white look that your really like. So, just create a new preset based on your current adjustments. Now, you can recreate the black and white look you liked for any image in just one click.

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