I snapped this photo on my iPhone while my son was driving. The bright sunset in the rear view mirror with the endless sugar cane fields slipping past the car created a rather compelling photo op.

I firstly processed the image in the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom. I then tweaked the image a bit in the desktop version of Lightroom. I quite liked the result. It’s pretty noisy, but I think it adds to the effect in this case. 🙂

Of course, a real plus with smartphone cameras is that they are almost always with you and you can thus take advantage of unexpected photo opportunities like this one.

That being said, next time I’ll cart my Nikon along. I do travel that road at around the same time of day fairly regularly.  So – just maybe – I’ll get a chance to capture a similar image with a good quality camera rather than the somewhat limited camera on my ageing iPhone.

I’ve just started playing around with the mobile version of Lightroom. It’s pretty cool and, if you have a Creative Cloud subscription, it has even more options. And, of course, it plays really well with the desktop version of Lightroom.

By the way, if you’re looking to get the most out of Adobe Lightroom, then it’s hard to go past Serge Ramelli’s Lightroom CC Complete Training course. I really got a lot out of this course and I discovered a stack of things that I had no inkling that Lightroom could actually do. Lightroom is amazingly powerful software and, once you learn it’s capabilities, it can help you greatly enhance your photographs. And, keep them beautifully and intuitively organised as well. Even if you are just beginning your photographic journey.

In his course, Serge delivers comprehensive Lightroom knowledge in a relaxed and easy-going manner that never feels like hard work. His passion and enthusiasm shine through in every single video and it keeps the course both interesting and inspiring.

I like Serge so much that I’ve now signed up as an affiliate for his products. Which means that, if you buy a course via a link from Take Off The Lens Cap, I’ll receive a portion of the sale. This revenue helps pay the bills and allows me to keep posting new material.

Read more about Serge Ramelli’s Lightroom course.

Photo Serge
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