Of course, sharpness isn’t everything, but, often you want your image to be as sharp as possible, yes? Especially with landscapes. But even if you have your camera set up on a sturdy tripod, the act of pushing the shutter button can introduce slight movement that might impact on the overall sharpness of your image.

Sooner or later, you’ll probably want to get a remote shutter release to overcome this issue.

However, if you don’t yet have a remote, you can just use your camera’s self timer instead. Most cameras have one. Normally, the self timer is used so that you can set up a shot and then have time to get yourself in the frame before the picture is taken.

However, by using the self timer, you can also increase the chances that camera movement will not impact on the sharpness of your shot.

Place your camera on your tripod, frame your shot, enable the self timer, press the shutter button, and step away. A few seconds later, after the camera has stopped any movement caused by you touching it, the shot will fire. A lot of cameras will let you specify how long the shot is delayed after you press the shutter. I have mine, a Nikon D5500, set for 2 seconds.

It’s worth getting into the habit of using the self timer if you are chasing that extra bit of sharpness.

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