I’ve just been experimenting with Silver Efex Pro, which is part of the Google Nix Collection

The Google Nix Collection includes  tools that help you perform specific image editing tasks.  It is fairly expensive, but you can download a 15 day trial of the software to see if you like it.  So far, I’ve only had a go at Silver Efex Pro.  I’ll give the other tools a go later on.

Silver Efex Pro allows you to easily convert images to black and white.  You can choose from a range of presets and then tweak the results to suit the look you are trying to achieve.  The software offers a lot of fine-grained control but is nevertheless really easy to use. 

Silver Efex Pro Interface

I tried the software out on a couple of photographs I took this morning down at the river.  There are a series of wooden access ramps that lead down to the river bank. Thankfully, rather than cut down the beautiful old gums that were already there, the council built the ramps around the trees.  And, the ramps provide some cool leading lines and repeated patterns.  So, it’s a great place to take photographs.

Ramp to river bank

Ramp to river bank