I was very pleased with the success of our first official Photo Challenge, “Creature Feature“. We had some excellent submissions and I’m thrilled that so many people took the time to participate. 

As noted, I’m intending on running a Photo Challenge each week.   Here is the Photo Challenge schedule that I’ll be using from now on.


New challenges will open for submissions every Monday (Australian Eastern Standard Time).  Submissions will close on the following Sunday.


To make it a little fairer for late entries, voting will not be open until all photos have been submitted and entries have been closed. Voting for each challenge will stay open for seven days after entries have closed.

So, you can submit entries in each new challenge from Monday to Sunday.  And, any time during that same seven day period, you can vote for your favourite photos in the previous challenge.

Winning Announcements:

Winners of each challenge will be announced every Monday.

I’ll include detailed information about each challenge along with winning announcements in my weekly email newsletter, which will be sent out every Monday.  Links to this information will also be posted on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

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