Isis, little lion man, he of the Order of The Speckled Nose, chills out in his current favourite spot in the garden. Isis is named after the district he was found in. He was discovered, crying in a mango tree, after being abandoned to fend for his tiny-kitten self by heartless humans unknown.

Now, some 8 years on, he is a much-loved member of the family, albeit one that sometimes raises ire by demanding to be fed at 5 am on Sunday mornings.

When he’s prowling his garden domain, it’s easy to imagine him as a majestic lion, patrolling his savannah kingdom. Hence my alternative moniker for him, “Little Lion Man”. Which I, of course, lifted from the wonderful Mumford and Sons song of the same name.

Isis relaxes in his favourite garden spot.

  • Dave Gumprich

    We had one much the same Brett, the runt of the litter so my wife called him Min. We had to have him put to sleep at age 13, a lovely cat.

    • brettmc1963

      Yes, the gingers seem to have lovely natures, ay? I had one called “Dandy” when I was growing up. He was really placid and good natured.