One of the things I struggled with as a budding photographer was getting the whole “exposure” thing fully sorted in my head. As in, what exposure actually is and how it’s affected by aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and a host of other factors.Of course, modern cameras are pretty complex gadgets with lots of options. So, even if you have a basic knowledge of exposure theory, it can sometimes be hard to make it all fit in a practical sense.

At least, it was for me. I’ve previously read quite a few books and online tutorials about exposure.  But, one of the best resources on the topic that I’ve found is Ben Long’s Foundations of Photography: Exposure course over at From the course description:

In Foundations of Photography: Exposure, Ben Long helps photographers expand their artistic options by giving them a deep understanding of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and all other critical exposure practices.

Ben is a great teacher as well as a great photographer. And he has a quirky sense of humour that makes the lessons entertaining as well as educational. His lessons are clearly and expertly delivered and easy to understand.

I got a great deal out of this course and I feel that it’s helped me really start to get a much better handle on exposure. I’m currently revisiting a few of the core lessons to reinforce some of the main points in my mind.

I’ve used for several years now to learn how to use new software that I’ve bought or to upgrade my skills in a range of other areas. Video course are a great way to present this type of information. One of the great things about is that, once you subscribe, you can get access to all of their courses, not just the one you may have initially been interested in.

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