Welcome to the inaugural Take Off The Lens Cap photo challenge! Each week we’ll choose a subject to shoot and lens-cappers can then submit a photo of the defined subject.

At the moment I’m running the challenge via the Take Off The Lens Cap Facebook Page. You can post your chosen image directly into the comments section of the weekly challenge Facebook post.

I’m currently checking out some options that will allow users to submit their images right here on the website and also give people the ability to vote for images they like. Down the track a bit, I’m hoping that I can offer small prizes for people who gain the most votes for their submissions.

But, for now, we’ll keep it really simple and just use Facebook.

Some very brief guidelines:

1: Don’t be concerned about your level of experience. These challengers are for amateur photographers at all levels. The aim of the challengers is to get people out taking pictures and perhaps looking at potential subjects in a different way.

2: Don’t worry about what type of camera you have. Just use what ever you have available. Even a mobile phone camera will be fine.

3: Remember that these challengers are for fun and – hopefully – to increase our skills. You certainly may offer suggestions about how users might improve images they have submitted, but please be respectful and polite. Positive criticism can certainly be helpful. Negative criticism and derogatory comments are in no way helpful.

So, since this is our first challenge, we’ll start off with something that is easily accessible and easy to achieve.

This week’s challenge theme is:

Growing Things – Trees, shrubs, flowers, or any other type of plant.


After you have chosen your topic, try ‘working the shot’ by shooting from different points of view, getting in really close (or far away) and being mindful of your background, light, and shadow. Have fun!

I’m really looking forward to seeing your submissions.


Gum tree with Lorikeets