Try Auto ISO in Rapidly Changing Light

Try Auto ISO for Bird Shooting

Shooting in a situation in which the available light changes from one shot to the next?  Then you might want to try auto ISO. Read More

Color Efex Pro – Google Nix Collection

Color Efex Pro Interface

Back in October 2015, I downloaded and tried out the Google Nix Collection. The Google Nix Collection comprises the image editing plugins Color Efex Pro, Analog Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro, and Dfine. These plugins work with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Read More

My Camera Lens “Saw” Something I Didn’t!

Camera Lens

Unfortunately,the image below is not a great photograph. Normally, I would have rejected it immediately. Read More

Creating Develop Presets in Adobe Lightroom

Create Develop Presets in Adobe Lightroom

Presets are one of the most powerful tools in Adobe Lightroom. Develop presets allow you to instantly apply a set of adjustments to an image. And creating develop presets in Lightroom is very easy.  Read More

“Can We Use Your Image” Photography Scams

Money Laundering Photography Scams

Many amateur photographers like to share their work via dedicated photo sharing websites or social media outlets. This is perfectly fine and a great way to get your work seen by others and receive recognition and feedback. Read More

Rear View Sunset – Quick iPhone Snap

Rear View Sunset

I snapped this photo on my iPhone while my son was driving. The bright sunset in the rear view mirror with the endless sugar cane fields slipping past the car created a rather compelling photo op. Read More

Make Just The Eyes Coloured in a Black And White Image

Green Eyed Cat

If you make just the eyes coloured in a black and white portrait of a person or animal, you can add a whole new dimension to the image and really make it pop. Read More

Beautiful Egret


This stately and beautiful snow white egret scooped a beak full of water before flying off.

Hey, Who You Calling Ugly?

Cane Toads

Cane toads are much despised and reviled here in Australia for the damage they do to the environment. Many find them ugly.

But I think they have their own strange beauty. And, of course, it’s not their fault that their ancestors were abducted and taken to foreign shores in an ill conceived and disastrous biological control scheme.

We’ve recently had some heavy rain here, and the toads have emerged in force. 

Oops, Forgot to Change My Camera Settings – Epic Photo Fail

Photographer with DSLR

Modern cameras have a large variety of possible settings that allow you to take photos in many different lighting conditions and get just the style and type of shot that you are aiming for.  

But, I’m betting that many of us have favourite groups of settings that we tend to use more often than not. At least I do. You could call these your personal default settings. For example, my default setting tends to be aperture priority mode, exposure compensation at zero, and ISO 100.  

If I’ve gone out shooting and I whip up my camera to take a shot, I guess that my expectation is that the camera will already be on these ‘default’ settings. I tend to get a little excited and sometimes impulsively start shooting as soon as I’m at my desired location. My Bad!  

Therein lies a bit of a problem.  Perhaps on my previous shoot, I changed the exposure compensation, ISO, mode, or other settings to suit the environment I was shooting in.  But alas, if I forgot to change them back, the settings may be totally wrong for my current excursion and at least the first couple of pictures I snap may therefore fail dismally. The other day, I messed up what I think may have been a really good wild bird shot in just this way.

To counter this little problem, I’m now fostering the following habits:

1: When I put my camera in the bag after shooting, I return the settings to my default.

2: When I take my camera out of the bag to start shooting, I quickly check that my settings are what I need on the day.

I guess more experienced photographers probably do these things without even thinking about them. It’s likely a normal part of their workflow.

Hopefully it will be for me soon as well. 

Photographer with DSLR